Marble Surface

Organic Coconut oil, Orgainic Castor oil, Organic Ginger oil and Organic Mint oil mix. Not the best smelling product but if your looking to thicken and over all improve the health of your hair, this is a must! A few drops to your hand and fingertips and massage into scalp, leave in hair for 4-5 hours for best results and wash out. We reccommend putting in at night and washing it out in the morning. Also don't use hot water on your hair! warm is a must.


All too often we all put too much pressure on ourselves to have perfect skin and think applying loads of products will help speed up the process. At Ava Kensington we believe in keeping it simple and using the least amount of chemicals and fragrances. If we use 5 products daily and take into consideration the amount of chemicals in each product we would be really cautious as too what we apply. Eating clean and taking time to relax is all part of the process in achieving the good skin. #organicbeauty #organicskincare 

Ava Ayurveda Organic hair oils + Bamboo comb


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