Marble Surface

Heatless curls robe
Set includes:
- 1 x Satin Wavy Ava Curling Robe
- 2 x Scrunchies (colour may vary)
- 1 x satin

Instructions on How to Use:


1. Use on slightly damp or dry hair for best results.

2. Part your hair into two sections.

3. Use a hair claw to secure the Ava robe to the top of your head, ensuring both sides are even and tight to insure beautiful curls.

4. Wrap hair around the Ava robe away from your face, bringing in new pieces of hair in each wrap around (like a french braid).

5. Use the scrunchies to hold the ends of your hair around the ava robe.

6. Sleep with the Ava robe in your hair overnight or leave in for 5 hours.

7. remove scrunchies and Ava robe to reveal perfect silky waves and enjoy beautiful locks.n bag

Perfect gift or as a lockdown treat to pamper yourself!

Heatless curls robe & scrunchies

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