Marble Surface
  • FULL BODY MASSAGE - 5 different massage tools to work the entire body, includes a foam roller, massage stick, lacrosse ball, foam peanut ball, stretching strap, and carrying bag. Release trigger points and loosen knots in muscles, especially for back, calves, shins, quadriceps, IT band, hamstrings, Adductor, Piriformis, lats, and glutes
  • DURABLE - Our foam roller has a solid core and can withstand years of heavy use and intense pressure
  • RECOVER FASTER & INCREASE FLEXIBILITY - Perfect for Therapy and Exercise; Use to warm up and cool down. It helps you stimulate blood flow to improve recovery and ease soreness and stiffness. Helps aiding in improved range of motion through deep tissue release
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE - Includes a large carrying bag to keep all your tools in one place.

Massage Stick /Strap /Lacrosse Ball Fitness 5 In 1 Foam Roller Set


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