Marble Surface


Terahertz Stone + Zinc Alloy + Environmental Plastic

Ava Face & Body Tools: Simple and effective, our Ava Gua Sha, Ava Facial Rollers, and face and body glass plumping CoH Cups work beautifully in tandem with our Ava Kensington serum product to create a visibly sculpted face, increase product efficacy, relax face and body muscles, relieve tension, reduce facial puffiness, and stimulate circulation in the face and body through manual massage, facial rolling, a long with cupping. The Ava Stone is most beneficial because of it’s capacity to absorb both cold and heat very quickly (gets wonderfully icy, but be careful if you heat this stone!). Teraherz is a gemstone originating from Japan, which is often worn as jewelry to enhance good health and because the stones are known to emit beneficial energy.Single item

Single package size: 

19X8X4.5 cm

Package Type:

Package includes: 
1 x facial roller
1 x User's Guide

Terahertz 3 Stone Anti-Aging Facial & body roller


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