Marble Surface

Triple head jade roller (1 big head face , 1 spiked headneck and jaw line, 1 small head eye area)

Benefits Of Using A Jade Roller: 

  • Gives You A Brightened Complexion
  • Reduces Puffiness Of The Skin
  • Helps Get Rid Of Under Eye Circles
  • Stimulates Blood Circulation Of The Skin
  • Stimulates Lymphatic System Around Skin
  • Tightens Pores
  • Reduces Appearance Of Fine Lines
  • Helps Skin Care Products Penetrate More Deeply
  • The Coolness Gives You A Great Feel

    Aside from these benefits, a lovely way to relax and get in “Relax mode” after your skincare routine in the evening. After using the jade roller, your skin will always feel cool, calm and ready for the day head of you or even ready for bed.

    Quick Tips:

    • Keep your jade roller in  refrigerator so that it is cold and refreshing when you go to use it.
    • You can use it at night after you've washed your face and applied your nighttime facial oil . Simply wash your face, apply your oil and roll away over your skin.

    Triple Head Roller-Face, Neck & eye


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